Digital Marketing is losing its value professionally.

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Digital Marketing is losing its value professionally.

Using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN everyday – I see a myriad of Digital Marketers who claim any number of titles. A few personal favourites being ‘Digital Growth Specialist‘, ‘Digital Guru‘, ‘Digital Ninja‘, and something that makes me cringe to no end – the ‘Social Media Expert‘.

social-media-expertNow I am by no means an expert in Social Media. However I am knowledgable about Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, and Web 2.0 things like Forums and CMS’s. I’ve got around 8 years experience using Social Media professionally. That’s more so than many!

Now if anyone has ever heard of the 10’000 your rule? Essentially¬†in his book Gladwell says that studying & doing something for 10k hours makes you an expert in said field. No doubt! But with someone who’s been using Social Media on multiple levels for years – I don’t even think I’d claim to have clocked up 10’000 hours.

Social Media’s problem is that it is vast and plentiful. In fact if you do some digging you will see that there’s over 100 social media platforms – that are worth mentioning. As someone who really only uses around 10 of said platforms. I certainly can’t claim the title of expert in Social Media in any way. I’d be a journeyman at best! With ever updating platforms, privacy documents, and delivery methods it’s hard to claim to be on the ball professionally at all.

The Guru’s and the Expert’s are giving real consultants a bad name – namely by paying for everything – by this I mean advertising and followers. While a business may see themselves getting over 5000 Likes / Followers in a few weeks, realistically they aren’t worth anything – because they aren’t a valuable audience. Real social media comes from..well being social! Forget sales, forget how many likes you have, it’s about talking to people. That’s all you need to know!

Guru’s pertain to know the secret answer to social media success – really there isn’t one guys and they make the rest of us look bad! Organisations such as the CIM and CIPR need to up their game on professional standards – because eventually as businesses become more aware and recruit more technically able staff the days of actual digital consultants will be gone. The bar should be raised to keep out the charlatans and keep the profession up to standard. This goes for businesses as well – when you hire a consultant – do some reading and asking around. He could be the nicest guy in the world, but his knowledge of social probably won’t go further than websites like Fiverr and promotional advertising.



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