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Google’s ‘Mobile-Geddon’ is nothing to worry about

Simple fact is, Webmasters and Designers have had plenty of time to update their websites to meet Google’s new web standards. While many websites will get pushed down, it’s an easy fix. Use Google’s Page Insights Tool to see what changes you need to make: Type in your website, from here you can see how good your website really […]

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Internet Neutrality – Raising Awareness

For those who don’t know the concept of Network Neutrality has been under challenge by big business and government for around a decade now. Essentially Network Neutrality is the principle that everything on the internet – that being information. Is free from real world influence. While this can lead to some darker sides of human nature, the majority of it […]

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Open Paths – A Little Preview

Aha I bet you were expecting something political! The political posts are being written, slowly but surely! But OpenPaths is worth a look see. Read about this application ‘OpenPaths’ on the New York Times . ┬áThe application is also made by the R&D lab at the New York Times. It’s a project to collect and aggregate your location. Making it […]

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