The Best Social Media Managers Are Lazy!

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The Best Social Media Managers Are Lazy!

You heard me! The best social media managers are lazy. Same way the best system admins are lazy. Now I think I’ll get some flack over a comment like that. But automating your systems is what makes for efficient practise, both personally and professionally. When you manage multiple accounts it’s easy to get caught up. In fact, having multiple accounts means many mistakes can be made if you aren’t careful. Using third-party systems will help you control your online presences and save you time and effort.

An active social media user will spend quite a bit of time on platforms. Twitter is a particular time suck if you have a large audience and converse with people regularly

1 – Best tool I can recommend for using Twitter is : Genuinely it is the best tool for day-to-day ease of use and most people don’t even know it exists. I schedule most of my posts at the start of the day and dip in and out in between. You can track hashtags, users, and have a realtime feed of your twitter sphere.

2Google Analytics. Now everyone knows about Google – in fact it’s the standard for website analytics and helps marketers and web masters know what’s going on. It’s also a massive hassle when you have to go through analytics. Set up custom reports – they can be found all over the web. Like magic a quick Google search of : Custom Google Analytics Reports will give you everything you need to start exploring!

3Hootsuite. Hootsuite is probably one of the most widely used piece of kit for personal and business accounts. It integrated with all the major social media platforms giving realtime feeds, reports, scheduling, and posting. It’s great – and for a personal user they give you access to a free account that can manage up to five accounts. For someone who is working on personal branding and on the go – Hootsuite is a god send. Make use of it!

4Pulse. Pulse is a fancy news aggregator that works with your phone and your web browser – it gives you full customisation of what feeds you want to look at, custom channels the whole lot and is very easy on the eye. If you want to push interesting articles this is a great way to start. I’d also include feedly in this selection as it is just as good and a great replacement for Google Reader users, but I tend to prefer Pulse.

5Google Alerts. Personally I think one of the most underrated tools Google has on offer. Google Alerts allows you to track any topic / content / news you might be interested in as it’s indexed by Google. I use it personally to read up on certain policy areas around the world – it can bring up a lot of nonsense but you find gold in this heap of information. With full customisation on when you want to receive the alerts and how often it’s a great tool! . Like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, is a scheduling and automated posting tool. You can link your multiple channels to one account via RSS feed, website, or user. It’s great if you want your blog to be automatically posted to your online platforms. I’d highly recommend it!

Using some or all of these tools will free you up time wise – in all seriousness social media and online monitoring and post taking up a serious amount of time. A great deal of my time is spent finding information and then talking about said information especially online. Using automated systems to find the information for you and in turn post it for you will save you a serious amount of time in the long-term.  Just remember the best policy with social media is to work smart not hard, freeing you up to drink more tea, learn new things, or get new clients.

N.B don’t ever automate engagement – it looks shit and people can smell it a mile off. A perfect example being Direct Messages on Twitter. There really is nothing worse!



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