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Moz Release Search Engine Factors

Moz (the awesome SEO company) have released their well researched and thought out 2015 Ranking factors for your website. Be sure to take all of these things in to account when you develop your SEO strategy. (Original Source:

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Some handy free graphics resources

Free Graphics &PSD files Free Stock Photos Free Fonts

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Google’s ‘Mobile-Geddon’ is nothing to worry about

Simple fact is, Webmasters and Designers have had plenty of time to update their websites to meet Google’s new web standards. While many websites will get pushed down, it’s an easy fix. Use Google’s Page Insights Tool to see what changes you need to make: Type in your website, from here you can see how good your website really […]

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Hate Speech Vs Free Speech – Charlie Hebdo #JeSuisCharlie

So recently I got into a bit of a spat with a fellow tweeter over a certain tweet from ‘@NewsWeek: Charlie Hebdo given Islamophobia ‘award’ by Muslim group ‘ Here’s what followed: This went on for a while, until Jack eventually stopped replying and I was getting increasingly agitated at the exchange. Talking with Jack, brought up an interesting question one […]

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